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29 March 2015 @ 03:08 pm
15. VAPORWAVE color set + actions for photoshop  

under the cut!
Hi! Considering that many people are using my Kosmik Colors set, I thought I should upload this one that I just pulled out of my ass like a few hours ago. These are just colors I gathered from pictures and edited slightly and then made into actions that you can use to re-color or re-texture. If you don't know what these are, basically theyre' just palettes that you can either eyedrop or just simply run the actions over the texture you want to recolor. Simple.

These are the whole palette. They're a lot more dull and softer than my previous Kosmik Color palette, these are kind of like their sisters but they aren't really similar I think? I toned down a lot of the colors and these are less eye searing In my opinion. They would probably look best on objects and clothes, but I'll see what I can do with hair textures.


#c6acc9 - yukikaze #ecb4bf - amatsukaze #fdd6b5 - kongou #fdf3b8 - haruna #a7e4ae - nagato #bfffe6 - shimakaze #8699d1 - yamashiro #dba9ce - akagi #aae7e8 - yahagi #efe6eb - agano #47d1d5 - zuikaku #e8d2ff - shoukaku #c1d1fd - souryuu #d9e0fc - mogami #ffe0f1 - yamato
NOTES: I made these with Photoshop CS5. I'm sure it'll work on newer versions, but I'm not sure about older versions. If you can, please report back to me if you've tested it on other versions so I can put it up on this post for the others to see. Just run them over your textures and you're done, feel free to adjust the layers if you want. And they look best if the textures aren't completely white, off white/grey-ish usually yields the best results.

Credit me if you use these and please link back to me or tag my username on tumblr if you've used it! I will reblog them for sure and download it for my game! I always appreciate it each time anyone uses my color palettes and I'd love to see what you can do with them.
I will update this post with CC samples, hex codes, and more info later after I'm done organizing them.